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Gynecor is an anatomical laboratory focused exclusively on diseases of the female tract. We strive to help quickly recognize, proactively prevent and successfully fight cancer and other health issues in women.

Only Gynecor offers the TruTest® Endometrial Biopsy featuring the FDA cleared Tao Brush™. A gentle brushing of the uterus can be taken in-office in minutes to yield results in three days. Our veteran pathologists look at both cytology and histology on biopsy and ECB specimens, and HPV is always genotyped for a truly complete picture of the patient’s health.

Gynecor now also offers UteroFISH™, the only FISH test available for detecting uterine cancer. UteroFISH distinguishes between atypia or hyperplasia on an endometrial biopsy to possibly save a woman from hysterectomy.

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Pathologist Spotlight
Photo Vlada Alexeeva, M.D.
Associate Medical Director

Dr. Alexeeva, Associate Medical Director, received her medical degree from Moscow State U... Read More