Welcome to Gynecor

Gynecor, a subspecialty division of Bostwick Laboratories, is focused exclusively on gynecologic pathology. For over ten years, our dedicated and skilled board-certified pathologists have been committed to providing the highest quality of pathology services to our clients and the patients they serve.

Our pathologists have extensive experience in processing and interpreting specimens taken from the gynecologic brush devices on the market today. Gynecor’s TruTest® utilizes the Tao Brush™, a more gentle procedure for endometrial biopsy. Both the SpiraBrush® and SoftBiopsy® devices used for cervical biopsy are minimally invasive devices that provide ample tissue specimen for evaluation. Each of these devices delivers comprehensive results with less pain for the patient.

Gynecor also processes gynecologic specimens collected by all methods, providing accurate and reliable diagnosis for each and every case.

Gynecor now also offers CerVysion™, a new molecular risk assessment test that aids in monitoring possible progression to cervical cancer. The increased sensitivity of CerVysion allows for earlier detection and may mark the potential for progression of precursor lesions providing options for timely treatment.

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Pathologist Spotlight
Photo Jing Liu, M.D.
Molecular Pathology Director

Prior to joining Bostwick Laboratories, Dr. Liu served five years as a staff pathologist ... Read More

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