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"I recently discovered Gynecor TruTest EMB and diagnosed uterine cancer in a very anxious patient. The simple brush device helped me obtain a sample painlessly and without difficulty. The easiest part was the procedure after I calmed the patient down. I received a call about the result from the pathologist quickly. I am impressed with what Gynecor offers!"
Michael J. Heard, M.D.
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Gynecor's Colposcopy

Gynecor’s Colposcopy kit is a versatile product that can be tailored to each particular patient.

Free Testing Kit

  • Gynecor’s pre-packaged Colposcopy kit comes with everything needed to return your specimens, including four vials and two endocervical brushes

Cervical Biopsies

  • Cervical mapping can be performed if the biopsy specimens can be submitted in the individual vials provided
  • An alternate method is to submit all biopsy specimens in one vial when mapping is not needed
  • Each specimen vial submitted returns a histology result

Endocervical Vial

  • With Gynecor’s Colposcopy, you have the option of submitting an Endocervical Brushing (ECB) in the first vial, or Gynecor can accept the endocervical specimen from a standard Endocervical Curettage (ECC)
  • Both a cytology and a histology can be run on the endocervical specimen (ECB or ECC) when submitted in a NuFix vial, provided with the kit
  • The Endocervical specimen in the NuFix vial allows Gynecor to run STD testing, such as HPV, HSV and CT/GC

ECC (Endocervical Curettage)

  • An ECC is a procedure using a curette, a spoon-shaped instrument, that is used to scrape the mucus membrane of the endocervical canal in order to gain a tissue sample
  • Some women report brief (moderate to severe) discomfort during the ECC and can expect to feel mild cramping following the procedure

ECB (Endocervical Brushing)

  • Gynecor’s ECB is a more gentle method using a brush, to gently sample the mucus from the endocervical canal
  • An ECB overall more comfortable for the patient.1 Also, Gynecor is able to run cytology and histology off an ECB for a diagnostic result
  • Studies show an ECB may be more effective than an ECC.1

  1. Maksem, John A. "Endocervical curetting vs. endocervical brushing as case finding methods." Diagnostic Cytopathology. 34.5 (2006): 313-316. Print.